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Meet the reusable bottle that is putting single-use water bottles out of our live. Dopper is empowering people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles, to protect our world's waters. Fighting plastic pollution, one single-use water bottle at a time. 

Dopper is a refillable drinking bottle that helps you to carry hot and cold drinks with you wherever you go – the bottle will keep hot drinks warm for 9 hours and cold drinks cool 24 hours. Dopper has a joyful and practical design by Rinke van Remortel: when turned upside down, its top functions as a cup with pedestal, and the whole bottle is easy to wash by hand or in a dishwasher.

Dopper drinking bottles have become a visible part of everyday life in Europe, and they do not only look good but also do good: a refillable bottle reduces the amount of single-use plastic waste, and 5% of their profits go directly to the Dopper Foundation that supports drinking water projects in Nepal through local organizations. Dopper bottles have been produced in climate-neutral fashion, and they are fully recyclable and BPA-free.

Each year, more than 8 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans. Not cool. That pit stop for a bottle of water is totally unnecessary! Why would you use single-use plastic? This sustainable insulated bottle has those bottles in the refrigerator trembling. Together with this rugged bottle, we turn the tide of plastic pollution! Warm water or cold water; put it in the double-walled Dopper thermos flask. This way we drink our oceans clean, sip by sip!

The Dopper Dopper is ideal for a day at the beach, a weekend in the hills, or a Netflix marathon. Or perhaps you are often on the move, but not for so long?

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